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Our 2yo came in to sit with my wife as she was in my office while I wrapped up work. When I shut my laptop, he asked, “Are you done meeting-ing?”

Me: “Yes, I am bud.”

He turned to my wife and exclaimed, “He done meeting-ing!”

🌀 More free time

One of the most common benefits that I have heard identified through the pandemic and quarantine was additional free time. Every time I heard that, my blood temperature went up a little bit more. My experience has been the complete opposite.

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2yo: “Have to poop again.”

Me: “That’s ok. It happens.”

2yo: “Can I poop in this room?”

Me: “Sure, bud.”

2yo: “Oh, fanks Dad letting me poop in this room!”

Just to be clear, he was wearing a diaper the whole time.


I have loved a new podcast I found, Checking In with Susan David. In the latest episode I heard, she started by talking about “sawubona,” which I found beautiful and moving.

Listen to the entire episode here

My wife folded the 8yo’s blanket and the edges were uneven.

8yo, as he saw the blanket: “Ohh… Can we just start over?”

Wife, tiny sigh: “Ok.”

8yo: “I’m not saying your work is bad. I’m just saying we do better together.”


Fantastic article by BJ Homer, Whose Lives Matter?:

If your response to #BlackLivesMatter is that “All Lives Matter”, I’m sure you mean well. Everyone’s life does matter. But you are implicitly suggesting that discrimination against blacks is not unique or worthy of note.

Had a great time hiking with my brother this morning through some stunning scenery to a beautiful waterfall.

🔗 Empowering women

I loved this article studying how the voices of women can be better fostered and heard: When Women Don’t Speak.

The bottom line, if you want to empower women, apply majority rule when women have the numbers and unanimous rule—or at the very least, an underlying principle of unanimous rule, hearing from everyone—when they don’t.

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Drinking chapstick 😂

My wife and our 2yo were reading a book and he found some new Burt’s Bees chapstick. My wife opened it for him and he put some on his lips and hers.

After she finished the book, he told her it was gone. She started looking around for it in the couch and asked him where it was.

Wife: “Is it on your face?”

He leaned in close and whispered, “I drinked it down.”

Our 6yo was sitting in one of our recliners and the 2yo was rocking her.

6yo: “Please stop rocking me.”

2yo: “No.”

Me: “Come rock me, bud.”

2yo: “Rock youself.”

My 2yo asked me for help before going to the van, “Dad, can you put my shoes on? Just on. Not off, on.”

Apparently this is something I have struggled with in the past… 😂

🛡 Remote work thoughts

My manager asked us to write up our thoughts on remote work, as we have all experienced a form of it in this pandemic. I decided I wanted to share my thoughts more broadly. With some edits for a more general audience, the text below is what I sent out.

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What a special day. I got to celebrate my five year anniversary at O.C. Tanner and because it was over Zoom, my wife and kids got to watch. 🥰

2yo: “Mom! Mom! My eatmeal is fotten!”

Wife: “Oh, your oatmeal is rotten? I don’t think so–I just made it today. Did you taste it?”

2yo: “No, I looked at it. It fotten.”