Drinking chapstick 😂

My wife and our 2yo were reading a book and he found some new Burt’s Bees chapstick. My wife opened it for him and he put some on his lips and hers.

After she finished the book, he told her it was gone. She started looking around for it in the couch and asked him where it was.

Wife: “Is it on your face?”

He leaned in close and whispered, “I drinked it down.”

Our 6yo was sitting in one of our recliners and the 2yo was rocking her.

6yo: “Please stop rocking me.”

2yo: “No.”

Me: “Come rock me, bud.”

2yo: “Rock youself.”

My 2yo asked me for help before going to the van, “Dad, can you put my shoes on? Just on. Not off, on.”

Apparently this is something I have struggled with in the past… 😂

🛡 Remote work thoughts

My manager asked us to write up our thoughts on remote work, as we have all experienced a form of it in this pandemic. I decided I wanted to share my thoughts more broadly. With some edits for a more general audience, the text below is what I sent out.

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What a special day. I got to celebrate my five year anniversary at O.C. Tanner and because it was over Zoom, my wife and kids got to watch. 🥰

2yo: “Mom! Mom! My eatmeal is fotten!”

Wife: “Oh, your oatmeal is rotten? I don’t think so–I just made it today. Did you taste it?”

2yo: “No, I looked at it. It fotten.”


“Too loud, Mom!” 😂

My wife was reading a book with the 2yo sitting on her lap and another child next to her. She was reading loud enough that the other child could hear, and the 2yo covered his ears and whispered, “Too loud, Mom!”

My wife would get quieter and kept reading. After a couple minutes, her voice would get louder until he would again cover his ears and whisper, “Too loud!”

This happened a few times before they finally finished the book and auditory balance was restored.

Star Wars Day 😂

We celebrated Star Wars day by all watching a movie. The older kids watched episode III upstairs for their first time. As the 7yo and 6yo and I watched Star Wars IV for the first time, they both climbed on to my lap as they got scared. The 7yo crawled over from his chair onto my lap. “Is this part scary? Well, just in case…”

The 6yo turned to me during the movie and said, “I just don’t know why. But I feel like I could just reach into the TV and hug Darth Vader. I don’t know why!”

After the movie, the 6yo was walking out and said, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I can’t believe that actually happened.”

Me: “Yeah.”

6yo: “Wait. Did it!? Did that really happen!?”

📖 🎧 Ender’s Game Alive

By Orson Scott Card

📖 Watchmen

By Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons

📖 Crocodile on the Sandbank

By Elizabeth Peters