#51 A piece of peace pizza

#51 A piece of peace pizza

Someone close to me was sharing her feelings last week. While not terrible, things were difficult for her. I told her that I hoped she could feel at least a piece of peace. Her near-immediate response was, “A piece of peace pizza.” I knew right away that was the title of my next update.

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😂 Squid

As I was putting the 3yo to bed, he told me, “I don’t need pants, because I have this long shirt. It turns me into a squid. Again. I have four long shirts that turn me into a squid.”

😂 Jumpy Pants

Our 3yo has been talking about “his friends” often lately. His friends do basically everything he thinks is cool.

Today, we learned the name of at least one of his friends: Jumpy Pants.

Apparently, Jumpy Pants makes double layered sandwiches.

Also, Jumpy Pants has a trampoline. And it is not broken and has no holes in it and the zipper works.

Jumpy Pants has a pretty great life.

#47: Angrily pounding metal

#47: Angrily pounding metal

In this update, I share challenges with psychiatric medication, family struggles, and work changes. I might not have handled things in the best way, but it definitely could have been worse.

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Drawing of a frog

My wife and 3yo were drawing together, and my wife drew this picture.

3yo: “What is that?”

Wife: “Well, it was going to be a frog.”

3yo: “And then what happened?”


Frog drawing

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