📺 Seinfeld

Finished watching all nine seasons for the first time

Fun day of college basketball! Loved watching Oregon win in overtime and BYU dominate Gonzaga on senior night. 🏀

Really fun to watch the NBA All-Star dunk contest tonight. Whoever won, the other person would have been shafted. Felt very similar to 1988 contest back in Chicago with the scoring at the end. The judges just picked a winner and ignored the dunks. Impressive stuff though! 🏀

What an entertaining game the Super Bowl was. I was cheering for my childhood team, the 49ers, but was glad to see Andy Reid get a victory. Fun family time! 🏈

📖 Leadership and Self-Deception

By The Arbinger Institute

🎧 📖 The Anatomy of Peace

By The Arbinger Institute

What an exciting season for LSU. Sure enjoyed watching this last game. Congrats to LSU and to Clemson. 🏈

😂 The best he could

I was trying to make a pancake in the shape of a sword for my son’s birthday. Annie (5yo) came up to look at it.

Annie: “Dad, what’s that?”

Me: “It’s a sword.”

Annie: “Oh, yeah, it looks like one!”

Micah (7yo): “I want to see! What is it?”

Annie: “Dad made a sword pancake. It kind of looks like one.”

Micah: “It looks more like a spear than a sword.”

After it was done cooking, Annie went over to my son. “Dad made you a pancake for your birthday. He did the best he could.”

Pancake meant to look like a sword

📺 Finished season one of The Mandalorian

🌀 My 2020 goals

2020 wallpaper sketchnotes

As we move into the new year, I have been considering new goals. I sketched new phone wallpapers to keep them in front of me. My goals are to make more mistakes and carry less to give more.

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What a different experience from the earlier playoff game. Congrats to Clemson for a fantastic win and to Ohio State for an amazing season. Such an exciting one to watch! 🏈

😂 Infinite reflection

As Micah (7yo) and I were standing in the bathroom looking at the near infinite reflection in the opposing mirrors, he said, “Dad, I just wish I could sneeze with my eyes open.”

Me: “Then your eyes would pop out.”

Micah: “I know. I just wish they would keep working. When I try and look in these mirrors that go on for miles and miles, my head just gets in the way. So I want to hold them out like this so that I can see all the way.” (As he holds his hands out to the side of his head and ducks out of the way.)

😂 Zombies under the bed

Micah (7yo): “Dad, do you believe in them?”

Me: “In what, bud?”

Micah: “In the zombies under my bed.”

Me: “Oh, that sounds scary!”

Micah: “No, I speak their language.”

Me: “Are they nice?”

Micah: “Only to people who speak their language.”

Me: “What does it sound like?”

Micah: “Urrgh mmrrgh errrr ggrrr.”

Annie: “Oh, like this–I can speak it too. Mmrrgh aarrgh errr.”

Micah: “No, it’s more nerdy. Get it, Dad? More Nerd-y. (As he eats a scoop of Nerds) Ha. Ha. Ha.”

🎥 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

With IT department

I felt so lucky to present with our wellness leader to over a hundred manufacturing employees at my company today on mental health. I was introduced as the “company mental health mascot” and have never been prouder of a title before. Really touched by the response. 🧠

Micah (7yo) was taking out the yellow bin filled with recycling. “I need someone to come hold the garbage lid up.”

Wife: “Just put the bucket down and open the lid and then pick it back up and dump it in.”

Micah: “What, and you think gravity will just stop!?”

😂 Early proposal

Annie (5yo): “Can I marry Micah (her 7yo brother)?”

Wife: “No, you have to marry someone you’re not related to.”

Annie: “I’m not related to Conor! (her 5yo friend) Conor, do you want to marry me?”

Conor: “Uhh…”

Wife: “Well, you have to be older, so maybe he’ll think about it more when he gets older.”

Annie: “Conor! Conor! Conor! Do you want to marry me? Do you want to marry me?”

Conor: “Uhh, I just like going to school.”