Responsive Web Design Summit Aug 2012

I had the fantastic opportunity to participate in a wonderful virtual conference on Responsive Web Design by Environments for Humans. Sadly, I came in at the tail end of the first session, but I was able to catch all the others.I have played with responsive design a bit and just finished designing a site that is responsive. But I still didn’t have the fundamentals down of what it takes to design well for a responsive site. This summit helped fill in the gaps for me and I feel prepared to take on the world! My favorite thing was seeing some of the principles in action during the talks. Particularly with Zoe and Ben, they showed us what it was like to design responsively from the beginning or with an existing site. It was great!

Here are my sketchnotes from the event:

E4H RWD Summit sketchnotes set 1

E4H RWD Summit sketchnotes set 2

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