LDS General Conference Oct 2012 Part 1

Last April, I posted my sketchnotes from LDS General Conference for the first time. This time around, I decided to not sketchnote during the actual conference. I decided that it had the tendency to make me irritable when one of our four young kids would talk to me or interrupt me in some way. I was too stressed about capturing the talks.

The answer to my dilemma also came from my experience last conference. Because I do Romanian interpretation for some of the sessions, I listed to and sketchnoted those sessions after the fact. This conference I decided to take that approach with every session.

So this is the Saturday morning session; the first in a five-part series as I capture each session and post it here. Hope you enjoy it!

Sketchnotes General Conference Oct 2012

Sketchnotes General Conference Oct 2012

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