Webinar by Incorporate.com and SCORE

One good thing leads to another! A couple weeks ago, I posted about Next Thing Now and some sketchnotes that I did for a webinar they put on. Through that event, I was introduced to John Meyer from The Company Corporation (Incorporate.com), who commissioned me to provide sketchnotes for a few webinars. They provide many of these webinars as free resources to small business owners in their Learning Center.

This first session was presented together with SCORE (www.score.org), and was all about how to start your own business. They went through the details of the preparation that you have to do, the options that you have, and the information that you need to know. It was a great session, and one that I would recommend to anyone who owns a small business or is looking to start one. Here are my sketchnotes!

Sketchnotes for webinar by Incorporate.com and SCORE

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