😂 The best he could

I was trying to make a pancake in the shape of a sword for my son’s birthday. Annie (5yo) came up to look at it.

Annie: “Dad, what’s that?”

Me: “It’s a sword.”

Annie: “Oh, yeah, it looks like one!”

Micah (7yo): “I want to see! What is it?”

Annie: “Dad made a sword pancake. It kind of looks like one.”

Micah: “It looks more like a spear than a sword.”

After it was done cooking, Annie went over to my son. “Dad made you a pancake for your birthday. He did the best he could.”

Pancake meant to look like a sword

📺 Finished season one of The Mandalorian

🌀 My 2020 goals

2020 wallpaper sketchnotes

As we move into the new year, I have been considering new goals. I sketched new phone wallpapers to keep them in front of me. My goals are to make more mistakes and carry less to give more.

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What a different experience from the earlier playoff game. Congrats to Clemson for a fantastic win and to Ohio State for an amazing season. Such an exciting one to watch! 🏈

😂 Infinite reflection

As Micah (7yo) and I were standing in the bathroom looking at the near infinite reflection in the opposing mirrors, he said, “Dad, I just wish I could sneeze with my eyes open.”

Me: “Then your eyes would pop out.”

Micah: “I know. I just wish they would keep working. When I try and look in these mirrors that go on for miles and miles, my head just gets in the way. So I want to hold them out like this so that I can see all the way.” (As he holds his hands out to the side of his head and ducks out of the way.)

😂 Zombies under the bed

Micah (7yo): “Dad, do you believe in them?”

Me: “In what, bud?”

Micah: “In the zombies under my bed.”

Me: “Oh, that sounds scary!”

Micah: “No, I speak their language.”

Me: “Are they nice?”

Micah: “Only to people who speak their language.”

Me: “What does it sound like?”

Micah: “Urrgh mmrrgh errrr ggrrr.”

Annie: “Oh, like this–I can speak it too. Mmrrgh aarrgh errr.”

Micah: “No, it’s more nerdy. Get it, Dad? More Nerd-y. (As he eats a scoop of Nerds) Ha. Ha. Ha.”

🎥 Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

With IT department

I felt so lucky to present with our wellness leader to over a hundred manufacturing employees at my company today on mental health. I was introduced as the “company mental health mascot” and have never been prouder of a title before. Really touched by the response. 🧠

Micah (7yo) was taking out the yellow bin filled with recycling. “I need someone to come hold the garbage lid up.”

Wife: “Just put the bucket down and open the lid and then pick it back up and dump it in.”

Micah: “What, and you think gravity will just stop!?”

😂 Early proposal

Annie (5yo): “Can I marry Micah (her 7yo brother)?”

Wife: “No, you have to marry someone you’re not related to.”

Annie: “I’m not related to Conor! (her 5yo friend) Conor, do you want to marry me?”

Conor: “Uhh…”

Wife: “Well, you have to be older, so maybe he’ll think about it more when he gets older.”

Annie: “Conor! Conor! Conor! Do you want to marry me? Do you want to marry me?”

Conor: “Uhh, I just like going to school.”

🎥 A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Spontaneous date with my wife and baby

I was struck this morning by how beautiful the moss looked on the trunk of this tree. It was a welcome pleasant thought to offset the dark swirl occupying my mind. 🧘🏻‍♂️

Mossy tree

What a disappointing loss for the Utes tonight. I was so sure we had a good chance at the playoffs. Oh well. Such a great season! 🏈

😂 Micah (7yo) called to my wife, “BBS.”

He took five steps, then went back, and said, “I made up a new one: BBS. It means ‘be back soon.’”

He took off again, and then turned around and said, “But this case, non-BBS. Because I’m busy watching football.” Then he left for good.

What a shameful, degrading ad I just saw on @FOXSports for the OUvOSU game.

“What was the original meaning of the word bedlam? An asylum. Literally, a mad house.”

With its images and tone, it was a serious blow to society’s view of mental health. We can & must do better.

😂 Black teeth

Micah (7yo): “Do I need braces? My brother said I do because my bottom teeth are getting brown.”

Wife: “You need to brush for that, not braces.”

Me: “I’ve seen people who had black teeth and some fell out from not brushing.”

Annie (5yo): “Ugh! I’m glad you brush your teeth.”

Micah, a little worried: “If teeth are black, can you brush them and turn them white?”

Me: “No. When they are black, they are dead.”

Micah: “When they are brown, can you?”

Me: “Yes, you can get them white. But you need to brush morning and night every day.”

Micah: “I haven’t been brushing at night.”

Me: “Thanks for telling–“

Micah: “It’s because I don’t have time. Cuz I’m so tired after a long chore day!” (With a significant look at my wife.)

(After a couple minutes) Micah: “Did you ever see black teeth on the ground?”

Me: “No, I never saw them fall out.”

Micah: “Does the tooth fairy take black teeth?”

Me and my wife: “NO! Definitely not.”

🎥 Frozen II

With Grandpa and the oldest five kids

Looking forward to a nice holiday weekend with family. Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃