🎥 A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Spontaneous date with my wife and baby

I was struck this morning by how beautiful the moss looked on the trunk of this tree. It was a welcome pleasant thought to offset the dark swirl occupying my mind. 🧘🏻‍♂️

Mossy tree

What a disappointing loss for the Utes tonight. I was so sure we had a good chance at the playoffs. Oh well. Such a great season! 🏈

😂 Micah (7yo) called to my wife, “BBS.”

He took five steps, then went back, and said, “I made up a new one: BBS. It means ‘be back soon.’”

He took off again, and then turned around and said, “But this case, non-BBS. Because I’m busy watching football.” Then he left for good.

What a shameful, degrading ad I just saw on @FOXSports for the OUvOSU game.

“What was the original meaning of the word bedlam? An asylum. Literally, a mad house.”

With its images and tone, it was a serious blow to society’s view of mental health. We can & must do better.

😂 Black teeth

Micah (7yo): “Do I need braces? My brother said I do because my bottom teeth are getting brown.”

Wife: “You need to brush for that, not braces.”

Me: “I’ve seen people who had black teeth and some fell out from not brushing.”

Annie (5yo): “Ugh! I’m glad you brush your teeth.”

Micah, a little worried: “If teeth are black, can you brush them and turn them white?”

Me: “No. When they are black, they are dead.”

Micah: “When they are brown, can you?”

Me: “Yes, you can get them white. But you need to brush morning and night every day.”

Micah: “I haven’t been brushing at night.”

Me: “Thanks for telling–“

Micah: “It’s because I don’t have time. Cuz I’m so tired after a long chore day!” (With a significant look at my wife.)

(After a couple minutes) Micah: “Did you ever see black teeth on the ground?”

Me: “No, I never saw them fall out.”

Micah: “Does the tooth fairy take black teeth?”

Me and my wife: “NO! Definitely not.”

🎥 Frozen II

With Grandpa and the oldest five kids

Looking forward to a nice holiday weekend with family. Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃

😂 Cal (2yo), as he picked up his dirty diaper: “Garbj. Garbj. Take it. Can I? Down.”

When I put him down, he ran to the garbage and threw the diaper away and came back. “‘Atch ‘ootball?” That’s hard to refuse, so we turned on the 49ers and watched until the next commercial.

🔗 Great retrospective format

I was intrigued by this article by Fiona Voss: My favorite way to run a retro: The leader sets up the Trello board with four columns: Celebrations Gripes Topics to discuss Actions Then everybody has 5-10 minutes to write Trello cards in the first three columns, working from their own laptops. You’re allowed to move a card somebody else wrote from Celebrations or Gripes to Topics to Discuss if you want to talk about it.

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🔗 Working with resistance

As I finished reading this article this morning, I said out loud, “That was beautiful!” And then I thought maybe I could share it so others might have that same experience. The article is from Zen Habits: Working with the Ebbs & Flows of Your Resistance. He points out that feeling resistance to new or good things is normal, but we can learn to work with it.

It can also get stronger. But it can’t maintain its strength for long. You can breathe, stay with it, wait it out. Bring curiosity to it. Give the feeling a little compassion and kindness.

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I was all excited that Oregon lost but then I realized that we wanted them to be a 1-loss team coming in to the PAC-12 championship for Utah to beat them. Oh well. We’ll enjoy the bump in rank this week. Go Utes! 🏈

Great dad moment: watched chapter 3 of the Mandalorian with my teenage daughter. “Mandalorians are so much cooler than Jedi! They’re like a happy family cult.” 😂

💮 Had the chance to share about mental health awareness in an IT department meeting today; the culmination of three months of work. It was wonderful to have the conversation be more open and decrease the stigma around discussing it at work. 🎉

📖 📱 Comanche Moon

By Larry McMurtry

So grateful for a beautiful, uplifting view every time I leave work.

Fall leaves and blue sky

A year ago, I was completely focused on what I could build myself. Now I find myself more interested in what I can help others build. It’s an interesting and satisfying shift.

😂 Me: “I love how much you help and love cooking.”

Micah (age 7): “That’s because I want to be a baker when I grow up!”

Me: “Oh great! What do you want to bake?”

Micah: “I don’t know… Just stuff in a fancy restaurant.”