What a great way to spend Saturday afternoon 🏈

College football on TV

🔗 How to be kind

This was a fantastic article on Zen Habits: How to Be Kind to Yourself & Still Get Stuff Done:

[T]he truth is, most of us are judging ourselves, beating ourselves up, looking harshly at our shortcomings and flaws, a lot of the time. It’s why we’re stressed, anxious, frustrated and disappointed so often.

A different path might be kindness to ourselves. When we see a flaw, we might see the beauty in it. Instead of always striving to be better, we can find gratitude for how great we already are. Instead of beating ourselves up, we can be kind to ourselves and see that we have tried our best, that we had good intentions, that we have a good heart.

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😂 Force feeding

I let Cal (age 2) sit on my lap and he started trying to feed me from his plate.

Me: “You eat from your plate, and I’ll eat from my plate.”

Cal: “Can I? Can I? Eat you?” As he shoved a forkful of food in my mouth.

After he force-fed me a few more vegetables, I said, “You can sit on my lap, but you have to eat your own food.”

Cal: “Ok.” And he hopped down.

I definitely love my kids, and yet, there are times when I want to grab them by the scruff of the neck and toss them in a room and lock the door.

😂 Annie (age 5) was cleaning out the dryer filter for my wife, and grabbed the lint and said, “This dryer lint is like when you guys are kissing–fluffy and disgusting.”

😂 As we were sitting together playing games, Micah (age 7) recoiled.

“Dad, you need to brush your teeth really bad!

“I smelled it by getting some in my mouth!”

What a game! The 49ers certainly had their chances. Seahawks scored nearly everything off turnovers. I always hate seeing the game lost by a kicker’s mistake. The 3 he made to get them to OT are quickly forgotten after that. Fun to watch though! 🏈

My wife: “I liked how polite you were interacting with the haircut lady.”

Micah (7yo), with a look of exaggerated patience: “Well, she was polite and interactive with me!”

💮 I’m really excited about my newest project: mentalworkhealth.org. It’s all about helping people create a safe space at work to talk about mental health. I don’t know exactly what shape the project will take, but didn’t want to wait any longer to get started.

What an exciting LSU-Alabama game. The 46-41 score doesn’t reflect how dominant LSU was most of the game. Wish it was more of a blowout to help Utah’s chances. Fun to watch! 🏈

Our 14yo did Model United Nations today for the first time and was the star for part of it. She organized a group of other teens to write and pass a resolution in 40 minutes (which is apparently extremely short). 🌟

Life is much less frightening to me now that I know I have options and don’t just have to do what my brain tells me to.

For me, sticking with something has never been the issue. Sticking with something without becoming rigid? Now, that can truly be hard.

Fantastic approach to the bathrooms at Taqueria 27. And great illustration of the inclusivity good design can foster.

Non-gendered bathroom sign

Likely to have “Chopsticks” in my head all day. Each time I hear it, I grin, thinking of my 12yo and 10yo trying to figure out a duet together. I mean, is there anything better as a parent?

We had a lovely dinner with extended family today to celebrate our daughter Arwen’s blessing (like a christening). Nothing fancy—scone tacos and fruit kabobs. Such a great time with people we love.

😂 Tooth fairy

Micah (7yo): “If I get my tooth out, I’ll get like a dollar. That’s what I’ve been getting for the last ones.”

Me: “What if you get 10¢?”

Micah: “Then I would be so mad. I would just leave a little bomb under there that would… What time does the tooth fairy come?”

Me: “You never know.”

Micah: “Ugh. Then I would just set it to go off in the morning. And I would make it look like a tooth. I wish she would leave me $100. Then I would have lots of money and be revenged for the 10¢.”

Micah: “Dad, I get way more than 10¢. Add another zero and a dollar sign.”