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Meditative Sketchnotes Workshop

Mike Rohde and I conducted a workshop yesterday to share about meditative sketchnotes. This was our first time running this workshop, and while we learned a few things to improve for the next run, we were happy with howbit turned out.

Here is the sketchnote I created during the workshop:


Sketchnotes from How to Plan Your Year

I have long followed Shawn Blanc, and joined a webinar he hosted today. He shared advice and a framework for planning to incorporate values and vision into practical action. I’m looking forward to jumping in to his framework, and enjoyed capturing some sketchnotes.

Sweet Setup Sketchnote

Sweet Setup Sketchnote

Sketchnote Army Podcast Interview

Ben Norris

I was interviewed recently for the Sketchnote Army podcast:

In this episode I talk with Ben Norris, a software developer, sketchnoter, mental health advocate, blacksmith, a loving husband and father of 7.

Ben shares his passion for mental health, and how sketchnoting is a meditative practice he’s used to support his own journey with ideas for you too.

Journey along with us on this thoughtful discussion.

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#58: Civil War

#58: Civil War

It started out as enjoyable and relaxing, but mutated to lock up my brain and take over my life. This update is my story of confronting the Marvel Civil War.

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