My personal website has gone through many different iterations, which now serve to highlight some of my web design experience.

Sketchbook design

Skeuomorphic sketchbook design

This was my first website to design alone every part of it. In the middle of 2013 when I did this, I was using sketchbooks constantly and decided to make the design skeuomorphic and to show off my new CSS skills. It was a blast to make.

Flat design

Flat design

At the time that I created the sketchbook design (2013), skeuomorphic design was falling out of fashion, and the trend was flat design. I wanted to show that I was aware of this and was able to do both styles, and so I created an alternate design for the same site that users could toggle between.

Static blog

Old blog

This served as my main website, including blog and microblog, from the middle of 2016 until the middle of 2018 when I moved to I hosted the site using GitHub Pages and configured it to support writing and publishing from mobile devices.

I started with an open-source design, and then tweaked everything to have the CSS exactly how I wanted. After a couple years, I found that I spent too much time tweaking the design and wanted to spend more time actually writing.

Current blog

Current blog

The vision of resonates strongly with me, and I enjoying supporting them and participating in the humane community they have created. I have continued to tweak the design and templates of my site there, notably adding support for light and dark modes.