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Neglected and abandoned

What another rollercoaster of a week this was for me. My emotions surged from confidence and excitement at the road ahead to near utter despair at our current situation.

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Practicing ownership

In addition to being an emotional roller coaster, this week was a wake up call for me. It was a good exercise in extreme ownership. And I saw clearly where I need to improve.

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You should be listening

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This is such a great answer from Jocko. It doesn’t even matter what the question is—if it includes the phrase “we were arguing” then this applies.

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Avoid “You’re right”

One lesson from negotiation is a helpful indicator of when things are not going well. You may think when someone responds with, “You’re right,” that all is good. But that’s not the case, as Jocko pointed out.

Kids books first

Jocko cracks me up. On a recent podcast episode, he was talking about why you should get the kids books he’s written first.

If you’re cognizant enough to order something from Amazon, order the kids books first. ‘Cause you, look, your life is half over at this point… You’ve got one foot in the grave. But your kids, they’ve got their whole life ahead of them. Might as well get them on the path.

🎧🎙️ Mind mechanics

This is such a great analogy. Jocko talks about how he started to understand mental health as he first talked with Jordan Peterson.

The mind is like a car, and psychologists or therapists are like mind mechanics who can help when the mind breaks down.

Start walking

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Right after I posted some clips from a Jocko Underground podcast, a new episode came out. I loved the analogy Jocko gave of being stuck in a forest and needing to start walking to figure out where you are and where to go.

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